Summary of the book

Samir Al-Yatim has endured many remarkable events in his life. He has lived in several countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. He has also raised a family - from which he is currently separated - and therefore he has much experience of the world. All he has ever sought has been justice from the authorities of the countries he has visited and lived in. For many reasons, this justice has not been given.

This web site forms the first stage in Samir's attempts to tell the world of the situations he has dealt with. The second stage will be the publication of a book about his life. To be called 'Destiny and Dignity', the book will provide a detailed account of Samir's life and describe the accusations he makes against the authorities in several countries. Samir does not fear the consequences of publishing this book. He will stand by all the allegations of corruption and injustice contained within it.

In the meantime, if you wish to explore his allegations, you can start by reading the pages contained in this site. Over the coming months, more pages will be added.


The book describes the many people and events that Samir has encountered in countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. It will be a powerful document exposing corruption and illegality in high places and it will describe the lengths the authorities have been prepared to go to silence Samir's attempts to tell the truth about them


Early Life: Chapters 1-4

The circumstances of Samir's life will be described in detail - how his parents moved to Saudi Arabia and how he later lived in Syria, Egypt and the Lebanon. There will be accounts of the various events that took place and the people and family members that he knew. There will also be some background material describing the events of the various countries at the time - so that the reader can clearly understand the world in which Samir lived.

United Kingdom: Chapters 5-7

There will be a description of Samir's move to the United Kingdom in 1976 and his marriage later that year. There will also be details of his marriage and children. Because of various difficulties, his life in the UK was not made easy and he was eventually deported in 1984. There will be an account of all these events, showing how Samir coped with them

Spain: Chapters 8-15

The book will describe various criminal activities undertaken by Syrian Secret Service members based in the Costa del Sol area in cooperation with corrupt members of the Spanish Secret Service (CESID) , Police and Guarda Civil. It will also describe the activities of Syrian businessman, Monser Al Kassar.

The book will explain how Samir moved to Spain in 1984 and became aware of illegal activities in the Marbella area. When he informed the authorities of this, he was arrested and charged with drugs trafficking. Despite protesting his innocence, he was imprisoned and only released in 1986. After a series of interviews given to Spanish news magazines, Samir was again arrested and imprisoned on a further two occasions: in 1987 and 1988.

He moved to Ireland later in 1988 - in fear for his own safety and for that of his family. However, he continued attempts to clear his name and, with official agreement, returned to Madrid in 1990. In 1992 he was once more arrested by corrupt members of the police and imprisoned for three years. Once released, he immediately left the country.

The book will present compelling evidence to show that important Syrian officials have been directly implicated in criminal activities in Spain - and that they have done so with the encouragement of similarly corrupt Spanish officials. Investigative journalism already published in Spain will support these allegations. It will become clear that Samir is entirely innocent of all the charges made against him in Spain and that he has been unfairly imprisoned.

Europe: Chapters 16-20

The book will describe Samir's travels throughout France, Italy and Ireland before finally coming to the United Kingdom in the 1990s. It will show how the authorities in each country were not prepared to grant him residence status and it will also detail the lengthy battle he has had with the UK immigration authorities. Despite many legal representations and a court hearing, he was refused asylum and deported in 1999.

There will be evidence to show that the UK authorities acted unfairly in this respect and that they disregarded the danger to Samir's personal safety in deciding to deport him. The fact that he has family members in the UK was also disregarded. In every respect, Samir is entitled to feel that his application for asylum should have been treated with more understanding and sympathy.

Syria: Chapters 21-23

The book will describe Samir's treatment at the hands of the Syrian authorities following his deportation from the UK. It will include a description of the time Samir has spent in prison and the efforts he made to secure his release. For approximately 18 months, Samir was detained in Syria and during that time, he never gave up hope that he would be released and able to leave the country.

Beirut: Chapters 24-25

The book will describe how Samir moved to Beirut in 1999 and the efforts he then made to leave the Lebanon. It will show that he was determined to return to Spain - in order to continue to clear his name with the Spanish authorities and to rebuild his life. His determination to do so will be indicative of the efforts he has made throughout his life to live at peace with himself and his family - despite all the attempts made by the authorities to prevent this happening.

Turkey: Chapters 26-27

Samir entered Turkey crossing the Syrian border. a) Attempting to leave the country, detained Ankara airport, false document. b) Communication with the British Consulate Ankara c) Met Lebanese Ambassador in Ankara. d) Second attempt to leave Turkey, detained at Istanbul airport. e) Finaly out of Turkey - Bulgaria - Morocco.

Spain: Chapters 28-29

Finaly Samir arrives back in Spain - Costa del Sol Marbella 2001. Puerto Banus - The solid land of Raffat Assad, protected by American, French, Spanish and British. Since my arrival back to the Costa del Sol Marbella, so many unhappy faces didn't wish to see me again.

a) Visiting Iraq Embassy Madrid, before the War. b) Met Manzer Alkassar for 20 minutes c) Frontation in guns with Eile Abou Takka - Puerto Banus d) Met Raymond Nakashyan( Espanol ) , resulting in visiting the American Embassy for personal security e) Double Cross Algerian Man Rabah Serra. Met him in Mont Joy prison Dublin, and today he is wealthy business man in Marbella. e) 13th of April 2003 News of the World exposed Terrorist in nuclear material. Samir Yatim makes Prime Minister Tony Blair fearful.

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